Glo-Mold is now odorless!

In-place mold cleaning compound.

Minimize press downtime
Minimize excessive labor in mold handling
Reduce mold damage or abrasion
Reduce delays due to schdeduling of cleaning equipment
Reduce number of rejects due to defects or poor surface appearance
Reduce heat transfer loss


What is Glo-Mold?
Glo-Mold is the unique, patented rubber compound for in-place mold cleaning. Using Glo-Mold ELIMINATES OR REDUCES typical problems and hidden costs of conventional mold cleaning techniques.

Glo-Mold is a fully accelerated rubber compound that is fabricated basically in the same fashion as the production stock. It is used as preventative maintnenance, cleaning the mold before it gets too dirty or fouled.

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Before Glo-Mold
Before Glo-Mold

After Glo-Mold
After Glo-Mold

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